Win With the Black : E4-C5 by Fide Titled ACM, Sagar Bansal

A Complete Chess Repertoire against E4, It's More than just a Chess Opening : Destroy White, Hyper Accelerated Dragon

Chess is a game, where an Elephant can Swim, Bishop can Roar, and a Knight can Fly, and those who play this game can understand what I mean...
We might be too good in chess when playing with White but sometimes feel uncomfortable when we have to play with Black, and that is where a Solid Repertoire Comes into the play.
A Repertoire is much more than just an opening, and in this course you learn Sicilian Defense, with the World's Most Aggressive and Ultra Sharp " Hyper Vision of Accelerated Dragon "
If you are not sure that you should take this course or not then try to think about these questions :-
  • Do you want to learn Chess the best way it can be?
  • Do you feel Overwhelm when someone ask you to play with Black?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable against the Monster 1. e4?
  • Do you Mostly loose or just get draws while playing though Black?
Still not sure ? Why not try it out, After all you always have 30 days Money Back Guarantee!!!
I will see you in the course and will leave no stone unturned to satisfy you, 
Don't just Believe me, Try it Yourself

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