Quick Chinese Grammar referring to Fast Changing China Vol 1

Common Chinese Sentence Pattern Volume 1

The greatest truth  are the simplest! In simple way, there is no grammar in Chinese language! 
Chinese Grammar is just the sequence construction of Characters, like my LEGOO name. Grammar we called now actually is a borrowed concept from western language just around 100 years ago. That's why we can claim there is no Grammar in Chinese in certain senses.  I met a writer who wrote a very meticulous book on Chinese grammar, the preface and the title wrote by my grandfather. He poked my why I should have a English name call David. I tossed a question: there is no grammar in Chinese language, do you agree with me?
In the complicated way, Chinese Grammar can drive you to crazy like his book! In this course, I will show you the simplest truths in my own way, if not academic way! 
This basic grammar course will guidance you the most common 300 Chinese sentence patterns. Due to the length of the topic, there will be around 6 episodes for this topic. This is the volume one. The sentence chosen will reflect fast changing modern China.

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