Become Good Receptionist-Learn best ways to answer the phone

conversation skills

Become a Good Receptionist
Be courteous. Be respectful. Treat everyone like they are the most important person that has walked into the office that day.
Have a greeting ready. Its always important to greet your clients in a friendly way.
Dress to impress. You are representing a business, thus you should dress the part. Invest in some business casual clothes.
Have a positive attitude. As mentioned above, receptionists are the face of a company--they are who clients deal with first, and the people who answer the questions of people who can’t come into the office.
Be dependable. A receptionist is counted on to man the desk at all times--it reflects poorly on the company if no one picks up the phone, or there is a line of people waiting to be helped.
Possess excellent listening skills. A big part of being a receptionist is listening to people--whether it is on the phone, a question a client is asking, or information being relayed to you.
Have top-notch organizational skills. Receptionists are the people that represent the face of the company--they are the ones that clients first speak with them and the people and coworkers go to for information and event planning.
Keep in mind that if the copier, scanner, or printer are near your desk, you will mostly likely be depended on to use them

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