Absolute Beginners Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Hands on course to get you started in AWS by creating free account, learning key concepts & applying best practices

I am pretty sure that you might have heard about AWS being one of the highest paying job roles in today's industry, If yes, then what are you waiting for ? Add AWS to your skill set and get a boost in your career.
Are you not sure of where to begin ?
Well you are in the right place, As I have designed this course keeping an "Absolute Beginner" in my mind and a complete "Hands On" approach so that you get a very good practical understanding of the key concepts and best practices when starting off your learning path towards Amazon Web Services.
Here is what I have covered in this course.
  1. Account Setup
  2. Identity & Access Management
  3. AWS Services & CLI
  4. Overview of EC2
  5. Overview of S3
  6. AWS Free Tier
  7. Conclusion
Well I am pretty sure that by the end of the course, you will walk away with enough knowledge and experience in AWS and you will never call yourself a Beginner in AWS any more. well if that doesn't happen, you know about Udemy Return policy.
I am really excited to see you in the course.

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