STOP Job Stress - Financial Independence in 7 Steps

Have YOU Had Any of These Thoughts Recently?
Is this all there is to life?
I CAN'T seem to find a job I LOVE!
I don't get paid enough!
I make good money...but I'm not happy...
My company is doing sleazy work...but I NEED this job!
I'm really stressed out
I wish I could see my family and friends more often... but work takes up too much time...
I want to follow my DREAMS but I don't have the time...or the energy...
Let me Share with you a Story about Financial Independence...
...Imagine NOT having to get up EARLY in the morning to commute to work
....Imagine a day without the boring MEETINGS 
...imagine no back pain and work HEADACHES, or ANXIETY
Financial Independence. 
More Savings. Less stress. More leverage at your Job.
Passive income: Making money from investments...while you sleep...
Imagine a week where you have lots of TIME:
...imagine having TIME to apply for a job that you LOVE
...imagine spending your CAREFREE days with family and friends 
...Imagine having money flow into your bank account on the first day of EVERY month
For the rest of your life... 
...I didn't make a lot of money either... fact, most people who are Financially Independent have NORMAL JOBS!
They are:
  • Bookeepers
  • Middle School Teachers
  • Low Level IT workers
...all of these people have BLOGS about financial independence, and are living out their lives WITHOUT stress, WITHOUT feeling stuck, WITHOUT dread about their jobs!
A Unique Insider’s View
I get up in the morning, no commute
I don't have to hear my boss yelling at me about my spreadsheets 
I don't have to sit at my desk for 8+ hours a day, my back hurting 
I understand. A few years ago... I used to be TERRIBLE with money...
...but after learning learning 7 SIMPLE techniques...
...I learned to invest!
I invested enough of my income to buy an APARTMENT!
...and eventually...I became financially independent!
In fact...
I took more than 6 months off work, and traveled to 20 countries
I've started small online businesses...from my computer
I have TIME to go to the gym, TIME to hang out with friends, TIME to see my family
A shoulder to lean on...
Just like my other courses, I'm always available to answer your questions, or to explain things further... usually within 24 hours. 
I love to help YOU live a better life
How is this course different?
There are lots of great courses on Investing or Financial Independence
BUT...they don't talk about YOU as a real, normal person.
They assume that you are a Financial Professional, and use confusing, BIG, words. 
I WON'T use big, confusing words. 
THEY will talk BIG things, and SCARE you with intimidating graphs and charts. 
But I'll teach with easy pictures and cartoons.
...and I'll answer questions they won't answer, such as:
"I'm afraid to invest my money"
"My job is acceptable...I can tolerate it for another 37 years I guess..."
"I just have WAY too much debt...I don't know how to even BEGIN paying it off..."
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