Become an Investment Banker

Why does investment banking make so much money? Why does investment banking require a top-notch education, stellar grades and extremely competitive business analysts to do their jobs? What is investment banking? Is it investing? Is it banking?
In this training program, we’ll answer all your questions, and learn the business of investment banking.
This guide is your starting point to an overview of the investment banking industry and training on the behavioral portion of investment banking interviews.
We’ll cover the specific industry jargon and go through what is the sell side, the buy side. What is investment banking, asset management, sales and trading, as well as hedge funds. We'll also provide resume templates for your reference to make your own unique  resume.
Next, I’ll walk you through some really important concept in financial market. The reason I’m doing this is that Finance knowledge is not only critically important for finance job seekers, but also for anyone who is in business- or wants to own a business. Understanding finance is the “reality check” for your business.
Whether you are seeking for an investment banking position, or you want to learn how to manage your money, become smarter and more aware of opportunities in your life, this course will apply to you.
So what are you waiting for? Enroll now, I will see you in the course.
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