Sales training- The Power of NO defense sales system

There are a lot of sales trainings to show you how to flatter the prospects to unconsciousness till you get the deal. But what they don’t tell you is how to defend your business from bad deals and clients just losing your money and time.
Exactly this knowledge gives you “The Power of NO defense sales system” course. You will learn how to behave in sales negotiations and close the deal with confidence.
I will show you the main points to look out for during sales preparation and in the selling process itself. In this sales training you will learn how to act with different client types and master one really successful defense sales system.
As a bonus at the end there is a special role play video to show you the technique in real deal conditions. You can also test the sales skills accumulated during the training in the special quiz in the last section.
In the game of chess the grandmasters perfection both the attack and defense. Can you defense your business in sales negotiations? Master the power of No in selling process and secure your business!
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