Onboarding New Employees: Increase retention and performance

Did you know your business could be throwing away at least $4,000 with each new hire if you have a poor onboarding process in place?
If you can believe that, then you won’t be surprised to learn that:
  • One third of all external hires are no longer with an organization after two years
  • 15% of new hires leave a business almost immediately if the onboarding process is poor
  • Lack of onboarding training can lead to a loss of 60% of a company’s entire workforce
  • Approximately 35% of companies spend zero dollars on onboarding
Pretty staggering statistics, don’t you think?
So the question then becomes …
What are you doing to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your new hires?
Because let’s face it … if you’re not mastering your onboarding process, you’re literally throwing away money that could be invested back into your business.
When done right, an effective onboarding process can:
  • Increase employee retention by 25%
  • Improve employee performance by 11%
  • And, most surprisingly, can help keep more than 69% of employees with your company for 3 years or more!
It certainly pays to have an effective onboarding process in place.
So how exactly can you optimize your onboarding process to make sure new employees are excited, feel comfortable, and are both productive and efficient from day one?
Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this course.
We’ll cover:
  • Why onboarding is such an important function within your business
  • Creating an onboarding checklist to organize and track progress during the onboarding process
  • Onboarding lessons you can apply from different industries
  • How to prepare your team for a new team member
  • Day one with your new hire and what to do if they’re a remote worker
  • Pairing your new hire with a mentor and other unique onboarding tactics
  • How to properly evaluate your onboarding process for adjustments and improvements
  • Beyond onboarding: How to support your new hire when they’re no longer “new”
By the end of this course, you’ll have everything you need to set up an onboarding process that effectively orients new hires and allows them to be productive and efficient as soon as they start.
Let’s get to it.
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