Canva: Make your Social Media Page go Viral with Canva

Do you want to design graphics, without all the work?
Do you want to grow your social media page with marketing tricks?
Do you want to learn how to create images for a business or company?
You have come to the right place!
This course is going to teach you everything there is to know about Canva. We start from the complete bottom, from creating an account, to creating large and visually appealing info-graphics. With the skills from this course, your possibilities are endless. From graphic designing for your business, to creating info-graphics for your company, all the skills you need are here. No matter how skilled you are, at the end of this course, you are going to be an expert designer and be able to use Canva efficiently.
We have countless projects wired inside the course to help you apply your skills to create real world products, as well as a quiz at the end of each chapter to help you revise the key information that you learned and solidify the information.
Skills Learned:
In the first section, we are going to be covering setting up Canva, including creating an account and getting ready. After that, we will go over the basics of the Canva dashboard and how to create designs, to help you get familiarised with the interface and using it.
In the next section, we will be covering the basic tools that you can use in Canva, as well as getting ourselves familiarised with all of the default features and windows in the Canva creation page. We will be covering tools such as text, backgrounds, uploading your own images, and downloading your images. We will be creating a summer sale image to practice our skills.
Next, we cover some more tools in Canva, focused more around the objects side, on things such as lines, shapes, and icons. Now that we have familiarised our self with the program, we can cover more complicated topics, such as graphs and charts. We will be creating an info-graphic together to practice our skills.
Next, we will be covering layouts, grids, and frames in Canva, which are an easy way to create a grid of images and sort out objects in Canva. We will also cover the difference between them. We will be creating an image collage to practice our use of this.
Next, we will be talking solely about the marketing side of this course. I will be teaching you tricks that you can use to help grow your social media page, and how to implement them into Canva. I will also be talking about the toxic behaviour that causes you to stop gaining or even lose followers on social media.
This section is solely focusing on creating a Facebook promotional picture from scratch, while I walk you thorough on how to use all of the different techniques and tools that we have learned throughout the course, and implementing them into your design. This will help you prepare for the real world of design.
In this final section, I not only give you a final exam on all of the things we have learned in this course, but also a challenge to design a charity event poster. This will allow you to really work on your own and get used to creating designs. After you are finished, you can watch a walk-through video, where I recreate it myself, and show you what I did, how, and why.
If you are ready to become a graphic designer and design great images easily, sign up for this course now.
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