Freelance Wealth Kit

Become a more successful freelancer and use the strategies in this course to start generating long term wealth.
  • Learn why thinking in terms of $/hour is limiting your financial success
  • Implement proven internet marketing strategies to secure sustainable sources of leads and clients
  • Use technology to streamline your sales and operational activities
  • Acquire passive income assets
This course will awaken the entrepreneurial giant within you and transform your freelancing practice into a highly profitable business.
We'll start with the basics;
  • Why most freelancers don't generate wealth
  • How to raise your attractiveness in the marketplace by using specilisation tactics
  • Create "products" out of your services and sell more of them
Section 1 is the theory - Aimed at helping you think differently about your freelancing business. Once this has been achieved, it's time for some more practical knowledge, mapping your marketing landscape.
  • Leveraging freelance portals like People Per Hour, O-desk and Elance
  • Maximise your web site's ability to turn visitors into paying clients
  • Improve your search engine visibility with proven SEO strategies
  • Advertise directly on Google with AdWords PPC
  • Develop social media profiles that generates sales and boosts your credibility
  • Build white label partnerships with other business and get them to sell your services.
With these sales channels in place you're well on your way to growing your business.
But we're not quite finished just yet...
With all this new work you will be in urgent need of a system to manage so many more leads, accounts and projects.
That's were Section 3 comes in, helping you to automate repetitive processes and building passive income assets. Giving you the freedom to earn more without needing to work more.
Each of the areas outlined in the course are tactics in a grand strategy aimed building a business that has strong foundations, limited running costs, low maintenance requirements and of course high profits. 
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