Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Complete A Video Editing Project

This course will teach you how to use the included b-roll footage and dialogue audio to effectively tell a story using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. You will learn how to choose the best clips to get your message across while also learning all of the necessary tools and effects that every professional editor uses.
What makes your instructor qualified to teach you editing in Premiere Pro?
Alli Saunders has edited several hundred video project for paying clients of his in her established video production company located in Toronto. She specializes in editing highly engaging corporate videos, promotional videos and lifestyle videos.
What is this Adobe Premiere Pro course all about?
In this course, you'll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but also how to pick out clips, organize your project and edit together a polished video using professionally filmed footage.
This course will teach you how to:
  • Effectively organize your footage, sequences and assets
  • Edit a promo video
  • Many tools in Premiere Pro that will make your editing much easier
  • Working with slow motion clips, 4k clips and upside down clips
  • Syncing guide audio and external audio
  • Improving audio and finding awesome royalty free music for your projects
  • Correcting the color of your footage to make it come to life
  • Adding visual effects to your edits
  • Exporting your video for high-quality playback on any device
  • Advanced efficiency tips
And lots more!
By the end of this course, you will understand what it takes to create a professional video edit so that you can confidently move forward with the skills of a professional video editor.
You'll have a strong understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC for fun and as a career!
Get started now with Adobe's video editing program today to create engaging visual and audio stories!
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