Windows PowerShell Boot Camp

The PowerShell Boot Camp was designed with all skill levels in mind. We take the basic of PowerShell, expose you to a few simple commandlets and build on that. You will become familiar with the terminology but also develop the skills to write PowerShell scripts that can automate administration tasks. We take a look at advanced functions and show you the ropes how to invoke Active Directory administration with PowerShell.
In this PowerShell  training you will learn the following:
  1. Introduction to PowerShell
  2. Introduction to PowerShell Scripting
  3. Remote Administration using PowerShell
  4. Intermediate PowerShell Skills
  5. Script Development using PSSession
  6. Building scripts for Automating Administration Tasks
  7. Advanced PowerShell Functions
  8. Administrating Active Directory using PowerShell
  9. And much more...

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