Webinar Success - 55 Ways to Make Even Better Webinars!

How many mistakes are you making with your webinars?
5? 10? Any idea?  Well, let me share over 50 tips and tactics which will help you to create better, more successful webinars.
I can't put a price on this.  I don't know how much money you are leaving on the table by creating mediocre webinars!  There is always room for improvement!
I have spent a great deal of time carefully combing through my notes and delving into my online marketing box of magic to find the best ideas to share with you to help you create even better webinars!
In this course you will discover:
  • The benefits for your customers of webinars
  • A simple structure for a selling webinar - and why structure is critical
  • How to put on a webinar and get an active audience - even if you don't have a list
  • Five basic webinar mistakes - newbies make - which you should not!
  • The best time and day to schedule your webinar - regardless of your time zone!
  • 13 Technical and Presentation errors to avoid!
  • The What and Whys of a Workbook
  • How to inject Urgency into your Webinar
  • The importance of Testimonials - if you are not collecting them now, you should be!
  • How to present with real impact!
  • How to present with real energy!
  • The TWO things you must tell your audience within the first five minutes of your webinar!
  • Eight Selling Triggers you need to master!
  • Why you should not be perfect!
  • The importance of Stories
  • Why Webinar Titles must intrigue
There is something here for everyone!
Just imagine how much better your webinars can be! Just imagine how much better your webinars will be - once you have enrolled and taken this course!
I want to share my knowledge and experience with you - which is why I am launching this course at the amazing price of.....Free!  Get it before I change the price to paid!
See you on the inside!  I can't wait! What are you waiting for?
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