Introduction to Accounting : Mastering Financial Statements

Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis is a fundamental skill for anyone who aspires for a career in main stream FinanceBusiness and Management.
  • Is the company generating enough profits?
  • What are the main accounting principles and rules?
  • Is revenue the same as cash?
  • Is the business generating enough cash flows to be able to sustain itself?
  • How do working capital items impact cash flow?
  • How are the financial statements interconnected?
These are just some concepts that all aspiring professionals need to have a good feel for. So why should you invest your time to pick up these core skills related to Accounting & Financial Statements AnalysisThe most compelling reasons are…
  • Without them it is very difficult to build a career in high growth areas of Investment BankingPrivate EquityInvestment Management & Equity Research
  • Forget mainstream finance, it is difficult to have a career in any stream of business or management
  • Accounting & Financial Statements Analysis is a very stablesolid & secure skill set to have
  • Your career progression is highly likely to look like a hockey stick with these skills
  • You can only move higher up the value chain and learn financial modelling and company valuation techniques used by Wall Street and sophisticated investors, if you understand these concepts
Of course you are very busy, but to gain these skills it is important to carve out some time to fill the knowledge gaps. And when you do, be sure to invest it in SIB’s Introduction to Accounting: Mastering Financial Statements module.
  • It’s the newest course on Udemy!
  • We start by covering the basics and lay a strong foundation
  • Then will build on this foundation, to give you skills that will serve you well in your professional journey
So why should you invest in our course v/s what’s out there?
Professional HD production: All our content is professionally produced to enhance your learning experience
Practical skills: Since inception, SIB has been a pioneer in the provision of practical skills. Our aim is to deliver quality content that is easily digestible and actionable, as opposed to laying out the longest course for the sake of it
Relevance: Think of a top tier Investment Banking firm in any part of the world and our alumni are working there! This is possible only because our content hits the nail on the head. Through this module, you have access to that same high quality content
Perfect blend : This module strikes the perfect blend between theory and practice. There are exercises on DepreciationCost of Goods SoldFinal Accounts and preparation of a Profit and Loss statement,Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
Support: If you are not sure about a certain topic or have questions simply post a comment and we will get back to you with lightning speed (subject to holidays and different time zones)
Our course comes with Udemy’s 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. This is something that we are extremely comfortable with and are convinced that this program will provide a ton of value to you.
There are no prerequisites for this module and content has been designed such that candidates from diverse academic and professional backgrounds are able to understand and digest concepts covered. 
It is certainly not our intention to make you an expert on either US GAAP or IFRS, but provide you with a solid framework of concepts and skills that can be applied to Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis in general.
Without much ado, START LEARNING NOW!
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