Create Image Slider Carousel using Adobe Animate

Image Slider Carousel is very common part on websites and mobile applications. you can find many of them online to use on your website, blog or mobile application, but it's very hard to do the changes that fits your needs and expectations, and it needs high programming skills to change in it.
in this course you don't need to be a professional designer or animator or developer, you need only to have basic knowledge in Javascript and html, this is because it will help you for better understanding of the codes used to program the carousel.
it's not a programming course but we used some javascript code to load images and data dynamically using JSON File. this also will be an advantage because you'll be able to load any other type of data.
by learning this course you'll learn how to animate the images or data using Adobe Animate (one of the best tools for rich animation on the web). also you'll learn how to export your files as HTML5 can be used on the web or mobile apps.
after this course you will be able to create your own slider carousel, create the animation you are dreaming.

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