Art of Photography: Photography composition made simple

Do you want your photos to look better? Do you want to learn how professional photo editors edit their own photos? take this course and learn many new skills in this unique course
Art of Photography: Photography composition made simple
Course Overview:
  • Learn to edit photos in iPhoto
  • Make portrait photos look better by using many different techniques
  • Adjust brightness exposure, contrast, color, saturation, and composition
  • Learn how to edit specific styles of photography like nature, food, and portraits
  • Organize your photos with different rating methods
 New section includes:
  • Take amazing pictures with your smart phone 
  • DSLR hands on essential tips and techniques
Photo Editing for Photographers is your one-stop course to learn how to professionally edit photos using iPhoto. Whether you are using a PC or Mac, this course will teach you the exact steps to editing your photos like a pro!
Photography is an art not a science that said a few guidelines exist to help guide you to make amazing pictures. This course will cover all you need to know and how to use it to make amazing composition pictures that will impress any onlooker. 
I have been taking pictures since the age of 7 my first camera that my grandpa gave me unfortunately did not survive the journey to America. I dropped it as we landed in the United States. I always been really into photography when I took my first photo course in high school I was so advanced the teacher gave me permission to experiment and submit project for a grade.
Pictures is an art not a science it is a lifelong journey. This course will start by you viewing some of my best work and I will teach you how I used theory to construct each image. As a professional photographer who is completely self taught I want to show you the art of photography and theory combined creates amazing breathtaking images.
No course on composition is perfect unless it teaches you essentials about the gear you are using. Therefore I had added two new section one focuses on getting amazing images with your smart phone and another gives you essential tips and techniques for your DSLR.
The final section of the course will feature case studies that show how the theory goes into application with remarkable results. After taking this course you should be able to compose pictures equal or better I highly suggest you complete entire course for best results. See you on the inside.
Enroll inside to learn...
-> How to take amazing pictures
-> Use theory to compose breathing images
-> Learn how I create some amazing pictures
-> How to take amazing pictures with your smart phone
-> DSLR Hands on essential tips and techniques
-> Apply case studies for practical applications
-> Use iPhoto for mac for editing pictures