Learn Statistics from Numbers

This statistics course is about the role of statistics  in making the knowledge available more useful to make effective decisions involving statistical thinking- This course gives insights in to the problem solving process using statistics - and analysis of numbers to generate new knowledge- All these solutions  are illustrated through very interesting case studies elaborately illustrated  which use the very simple tools provided by statistics  -these case studies include-

a) classification or discrimination, 
b) clustering or class discovery
c) Birth order and eminence  
d) common breeding ground of eels  
e) Mournful numbers - loss of life expectancy due to various causes
f) The importance of being left handed
g) Chrono biology and appropriate time to take vitamin C
h) Computational stylistics
Statistical thinking is demonstrated through the following case studies
a) Salt in statistics 
b) detection of faked currency
Relation between information revolution and understanding of statistics is discussed.
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