Learn Applied Statistics step by step from examples

This is an Applied Statistics course and seeks to teach the subject in an interesting way through numerous  examples and exercises and solutions to these exercises. This course contents are the following among others:

Discusses the nature of problems the statistics solves in our life and key role knowledge of  statistics plays in decision making 
Statistical populations
Frequency Distribution
Frequency Distribution of attributes and bar chart
Frequency distribution of variates and histogram
How to construct a frequency distribution of Variates
Determining number of classes- Sturge's rule
Determining  class width 
Determining class interval, Lower boundary , upper boundary, frequency
Population Parameters  population data
A parameter
The Aggregate
Mean,, Median, and Mode
The Arithmetic Mean
The Median
The Mode
Selecting the appropriate Average
Measures of Variation
The Range
The Average deviation
The standard deviation
Many examples and Exercises 
Solutions to the Exercise problems which is unique feature of this course.
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