Japanese for Travel and Beginners

Study Japanese in real communicative contexts to get speaking quickly, wherever you might be with this course for travel and beginners.
Start building your communication skills and get on the road to fluency in Japanese.
  • Japanese for Travel and Beginners Book
  • MP3s recorded by native speakers
  • Practice sheets
  • Anki flashcard decks
  • PDF printable flashcards
  • Course map and assessment
  • How to learn vocabulary in any language
  • Practices to develop fluency in any language
  • Self-assessment workbook to measure your progress and set goals in any language
  • Access to a free Japanese course
  • Use and make phrasebooks for a completely personalized learning experience
  • 40 free resources to continue in Japanese
  • Time tracker to use with any language

Begin your access to this fascinating culture via Japanese for Travel and Beginners. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of learning any language, practical methods for independent study and how to apply them to your journey of learning Japanese. Learn the 1,000 words and phrases completely in context I wish I had known at the start of my five years in Japan. Gain access to additional materials online, as well as some paid resources, to set and reach your goals.
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