Amazon Kindle SEO: How To Get Book Reviews & Rank #1 In 2017

MY KINDLE BOOK REVIEW COURSE is all you need to publish or revive your book to page #1 of Amazon search. You will learn a step-by-step plan to getting your book to rank. At all of my methods are 100% Amazon Terms of Service compliant. Everything is taught step by step - no experience is required!
In recent years, Amazon has become the worlds largest retailer of books. Amazon dominates ebook sales with their Kindle platform and is the undisputed #1 seller of physical paperback books. 
There is no doubt - if you want to succeed as an author long term, you need to have your book listed on Amazon. 
But with all of that success, Amazon has become a very competitive marketplace for books of all genres. In many niches, a few famous authors are dominating the search results, making it hard for new authors to break in and rank their book on the coveted page #1 or page #2, where 80% of the sales is happening. 
If you are a relatively unknown author, what can you do to break in and get your book ranked on page #1 and have your book become an Amazon bestseller?
My name is Ivan Westen. 
As a fellow Amazon author, I have spent a looong time studying Amazon's search algorithm and what methods are effective at giving books the necessary boost to page #1. 

And you know what? I found the solution. It IS possible to rank your book on page #1 among the big players, and get new readers every day (along with all the income that these sales bring in...) 
In this course, I will teach you all of the Amazon approved tactics that can realistically get your book to rank on page #1 or #2 in 2017 - even in niches with much competition. 

  • How to rank your book to page #1 and triple your readership (and income)
  • The 3 essential elements you NEED to focus on to rank your books s on Amazon in 2017
  • The details of Amazons update to their Terms of Service regarding book reviews and what it means to you
  • How to get massive amounts of reviews in 2 weeks using Amazon approved methods 
  • How to get massive amounts of downloads & sales in 2 weeks, using Amazon approved methods
  • How to create a long term strategy. that will help you publish your future books with 50 reviews on launch day
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